Saturday, February 19, 2011


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Currently at the augusta georgia regional airport. 2 hours until we check in. Flight's at 4:30pm to dallas fort worth. Had a great and awesome time in south carolina. I'm blogging thru my phone right now so unfortunately i can only post pics when i get back home in san diego. Love and hugs, Kitty ;)Hello there! Do you love romance? If so, i'd like to invite you to read my novel 'a moment in paradise' it's a love story about a problematic young girl named Natasha Michaels who flies to Hawaii for the summer and falls for Kaleo, a tall, dark and handsome surfer guy. Summer is pretty short, so would they make a long distance relationship work? Or maybe just drop the whole thing like it never happened? Hope to see you there! If you're too busy, i completely understand. :) thanks! Hugs, Katie ;) And oh yes, maybe you can also come and check out my sneak peek of my upcoming novel "do you love me... Do you love me not?" and tell me what you think! Oodles of thanks!!